Friday, June 8, 2018

10 fun + FREE things to do while on a spending freeze!

Looking for things to do while on a spending freeze with kids? There are TONS of free stuff to do, you just have to put in a little effort! Planning ahead with breakfast, lunches and dinners really help with saving on food but what about entraining those kiddos? Especially during summer break?

Just because you've committed to not spending money, does not mean you can not have fun! Here are my 10 favorite fun + FREE things too do while on our spending freeze!

At home movie days
Want a chill day at home? Movie days are the best time killer. There are tons of ways to get free movies. Did you know Amazon Prime has prime TV? with movies! Also who doesn't have Netflix? Fun fact you can rent movies for free from your local Library.

Play date at home
Inviting friends over or heading to a friends home is a great way to fill your day with free fun. Bonus the kiddos will have a blast and hopefully burn off some energy.

Local Park
Pack a lunch at home and have a picnic in the park!

Pool day at home
Almost everyone has some sort of kiddy pool or the real deal. Fill that blow up pool up and invite some friends over!

Water fun with Tupperware
My kids absolutely LOVE this. I let them fill Tupperware up with water (sometimes we add bubbles), they can use spoons, measuring cups and water toys. Keeps them busy for hours!

Family walks
Funny how we forget the simple things are free. When is the last time you went on a family walk? Brought the dog along with you? Let your kids wonder the neighborhood as you walk.

Stroll through your local downtown
We live In an area that has small town downtowns. We love getting outside strolling the streets of our local downtown. Checking out local shops, window shopping and seeing what is new.

Most libraries have a kid area where they can play, read books, use their computers plus rent out movies + books to take with you!

Because you'll be buying a little more gorgeries to make up for not eating out while on your freeze, go ahead and throw in some fun baking stuff to your cart! Great way to make some memories.

Let them do stuff you normally don't let them do
If I'm honest I prefer to keep the kids toys in their play room. During our spending freezes I tend to let them do things I normally aren't to crazy about. I let them bring out some toys. We build forts. Bring our Tee Pee into the living room while we watch a movies. Ill give them their Play Doh to play with (anyone else hate that stuff? aahh the clean up). We do more arts + crafts. Whip out those markers you've got hidden and let them have fun. Another huge hit are mid day play baths!

Hope this gives you some ideas to kill those long summer days with free fun!

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