Sunday, February 25, 2018

All Things Me

 Hey! You’re here! I’m Kristin, the author behind All Things Kristin. I'm a wife to Matt and mother of two and wear many many other hats. I mean.. don't we all? We try and live simply and with intention in Florida. You can usually find me rocking a messy “mom bun” and daydreaming about my next DIY project.

I’m a LEO wife. So you’ll probably see me spend holidays + special events solo. Matt and I been together since my senior year in high school. Together, we have built/sold two homes. Our second house was farmhouse inspired, which was the inspiration for starting up this blog. Currently, we are renovating our third home ourselves. A 1979' small ranch style house on a half acre. Something completely out of our comfort zone but a challenge we are excited to accept.

Since, launching The All Things Kristin Blog in 2018 along with my wellness biz, my mind blew wide open. I took the scary yet exciting plunge into full entrepreneurship, opening my own LLC. As I nervously hit launch on my blog, I’ve stumbled upon a part of me that I didn’t know existed.. ⁣

I’m a free spirit, simple as that. I crave freedom and need flexibility. I no longer want to be defined by society’s standards and to be quite honest with you, I NEVER see myself working for someone again, ever. Bold statement but in my hearts of hearts, it’s true. ⁣

I was MADE to do bold scary things (and you are too, sis) but society tricked me believing that I wasn’t worthy enough. That I didn’t have what it takes. I didn’t have enough money. That you don’t take risks when you’re raising a young family. As a mother. As a wife. I mean the list could be endless.. ⁣

As I shift towards a dreams that makes me absolutely giddy with excitement. I want to be even more authentically me.  My intentions are to use this platform as a space where I can truly be myself. Where I'm able to share pieces of our life, my love for design + decor and things I've learned along the way all with you!

Lastly, my hope is whenever you come across my social accounts, you leave feeling a little more inspired and know you’re worthy of bold scary things. ⁣

I'm so humbled you are here. ⁣
I'm truly, grateful for your love and support xo



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