Monday, June 4, 2018

Simple pantry makeover on a budget.

Do you ever scroll through Pinterest or Instagram and catch a beautiful organized pantry? Well I think the universe was trying to tell me something needed to be done with mine because it was happening to me, A lot! We are lucky enough to have a pretty good sized kitchen pantry. However our pantry was unorganized and so cluttered. I had attempted to do some organizing with bins but the color was not what I really wanted, they were just cheap! I would look online and check out my favorite stores for items to spice up my pantry but to my surprise storage + food containers are pretty dang expensive! 

I woke up one day a couple of weeks ago and had enough. I was over the clutter. We had a pretty busy + pricey month before so I knew my husband wasn't going to go for a total pricey make over. But something needed to be done to spice it up a little. I started by cleaning out all the junk and decluttering. Then I went to our local Dollar Tree store and grabbed some extra storage containers. I was lucky enough to find some but unfortunately they only offered mix matched colors. No biggie, because I knew I was going to be spray painting them. I spent about $13 for the extra containers I needed. Then I hit up our local Walmart for spray paint. I went with matte black. Black scares me! But I see so many people using pops of black in their homes and I decided to go for it. I used four bottles of spray paint. Each spray paint can was under $4. That brings my total refresh coast to $29! 

Plastic containers + spray paint used.

While at my moms house I came across this magnet board from Ikea. I used this years ago and thought it would be perfect to hang on the inside of the pantry door for random things, to do list + take all the magnets off the fridge.



Because I did this pantry makeover on a budget eventually I want to add shiplap or wallpaper to give it an extra pop but for now I'm pretty happy with my under $30 makeover! Its pretty amazing what decluttering and some spray paint can do.

*The labels did not go as expected. When I added them to the bins that had been spray painted. It was taking off the paint when I went to peel off the larger plastic piece. I ended up leaving the large pieces on. Was not the org idea but it works! 

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