Monday, September 16, 2019

Subtle Fall Decor + Tips!

I'm not sure about you but Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. Hands down.  Unfortunately, here in Florida we don't get to experience the full effect of what Fall has to offer but that doesn't mean we aren't pretending. I cannot seem to get enough of the smell of pumpkins, apples and spice in the air. I love fall fashion.. boots, layering clothes and trendy hats. All of it. But most of all I love bringing fall into my home.

There is just something cozy + inviting about Fall. Pumpkin cold brew, delicious homemade chili and football really bring families together. Fall is a vibe. Am I right? 

All of the local stores are pretty much flooded with Fall and Halloween items. It's easy to overspend and get overwhelmed. But before you let your excitement get the best of you.. go home and pull out + go through what you already have. You might be surprised.

 I've narrowed down my favorite two stores to grab Fall items at. Target and The Dollar Store. Target for obvious reasons has an amazing selection of trendy affordable decor pieces. They also have a rockin' dollar spot. I just saw adorable multi sized velvet pumpkins for $3-5! You bet I grabbed a few of those cuties.

The Dollar Store is my jam. Especially, since we've been on a budget since June. Believe it or not, they have a great selection of Fall/Football/Halloween items! The Dollar Store is also where I grab themed holiday plates, cups and napkins. A perfect inexpensive touch for the week of.

So, thankful for my little helper! Camden is pretty much a pro by now. I'm pretty OCD when it comes to our home. It has been an adjustment over the years adding toddlers to the mix. My kiddos get really excited about the holidays. I mean who doesn't? I don't want to take any of that away from them. It is absolute pure joy seeing their faces light up when I pull down the next hoilday box. Both of my children love to go through the boxes + help decorate. 

So, with clenched teeth and a smile on my face..I allow them to go through all of the items. Throw out ideas on where they think pumpkins should go around the house. I want them to feel included and enjoy the season as much as we do. Even if that means relocating items later. (wink wink)

 I have found when redecorating an area, taking everything off the shelves works best. This allows me to deep clean the area and this also gives me a fresh set of eyes on the space and how I want to redecorate it. Ps, This hutch has hands down been the best furniture purchase I've ever made! I love love love this space in our home and decorating it for every hoilday. 

Our front entry of our foyer gets a little Fall touch as well. I keep this space simple to avoid looking cluttered. This is also when I go through our hand soaps and candles. I throw away any that just don't have much life left and replace with a Fall scent. Pumpkin apple seems to be my favorite right now.

Now that you've seen a glimpse into our fall decor. Here are some simple tips on decorating your space. I have found over the years, less is more when it comes to decorating. I feel that adding just enough touches of Fall make the space feel cozy not cluttered.

Don't go overboard or overspend. The holidays are about being together. Spend your money on other things. Splurge only on must have items. You'll know em' when you see em'. You can get decor pumpkins and signs anywhere, they do not have to cost a lot. Like I said before, The Dollar Store + Target are my go to's. TJ Maxx, Homegoods and Hobby Lobby are also inexpensive and have great selections. 

Remember to, swallow that pride and let go a bit. Let the kiddos help! You can always redo or relocate items later. Just make them feel included. And don't forget everything is about balance. Make sure your space its balanced. As for a timeline of decor through the hoilday season.. I tend to decorate for Fall in the beginning of September, then October throw in Halloween decor items into the mix and then back to Fall in November. 

Happy decorating babes!
xo kristin

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