Monday, September 9, 2019

Our Back-To-School Routine.

Yassss, this free spirited freedom junkie mama has a school routine. As much as I crave freedom and flexibility, I need to have some structure. Why? Well obviously, without structure especially with small children.. it will be pure pulling out your hair send me to the looney house chaos. And lets be real.. If you do not have some type of routine then you are wasting valuable time. You've got a full plate mama.. why waste any time?

Routines have become my saving grace. As someone who struggles with anxiety, this is one way to help keep it at bay. To feel like I run the day instead of letting the day run me. We're almost a month into school, so I thought I'd share our school routine and what works for our family. 

School Nights
I start dinner around 5pm and bedtime is 8pm.
  • Eat dinner together.
  • Bath, brush teeth, jammies and any other grooming.
  • Pick up house, settle down, turn on a movie or show depending on time.
  • Potty, Read book, Tuck in's.
  • Pack lunches for the next day.
  • Get backpack ready.
School Mornings
I wake up at 6am before anyone in my house. This is my me time. I enjoy my freaking coffee HOT, practice gratitude, goal setting and have a level head before anyone wakes. 

  • Wake up kiddos.
  • Eat breakfast. 
  • Go over the days plans.
  • Get dressed, brush teeth, hair ect.
  • Off to school!

I feel like the biggest, most impactful change for us has been me and how I do things. Figuring out how to make your own life easier is key. The reality is.. kids follow your lead. If you are waking up with them, rushing then mama you are not level headed. You are jumping right into the pit of chaos. You are a thousand percent more likely to forget homework, lunches and be more stressed. 

Before setting a routine, take some time to think about your needs, your kids needs then figure out some sort of timeline. Here are some questions to ask yourself...

How can I make my morning easier?
What does my family need? 
What does my night routine look like?
AM I pouring from an empty cup?
Do I or perhaps the kids need more sleep?

Now let me ask you a question.. Mama, what do YOU NEED out of your day? Finding out what everyone needs are and yes including yours duh! You're a key player here. Will a hundred percent make your day flow easier. As mothers, we have so much on our plates that it can be overwhelming. Making small changes to cater to not only your children needs but yours will make a huge impact on your daily life. Promise. Take it from a free spirited mama who was tired of letting the day run her and got some structure in her damn life!

Take care of yourself Mama,
xo kristin

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