Monday, May 4, 2020

Nacho Average Birthday!

My favorite person in the entire world turned another thirty something this week. Matt is totally aging backwards, right? I'm convinced he's found some secret youth fountain and well... your girl ain't mad about it. 

I know, the world still seems at a stand still, uncertain but that doesn't take away that this hunk is all too deserving of a little surprise in his life. Thirteen is the number of birthday's I've been lucky enough to be apart of, surprising him.. zip, zero, nada. This year, I knew we couldn't celebrate the way we had hoped but still wanted to make him feel special and loved, because freakin' he is! Knowing, Matt would be at work for the day.. the kiddos and I planned a low key fiesta dinner in his honor! 

Whipping up all the fixin's. Homemade tacos, quesadillas, empanadas (ok, those were pre-made), chips and dip, all the good stuff! Together, we made brownies instead of cupcakes and somehow pulled off hiding a cheesecake sampler in lieu of his cake. We did pretty dang good, pulling this off! And to be completely honest, it feels really rewarding getting creative, making just about everything ourselves! Can you even believe the kiddo's and I pulled this off without a hitch and for less then $100 bucks without stepping food into a store. Thank you mucho, Amazon, Aldi + Target drive up.

taco bout Matt turning thirty two!

Fiesta party decorations: Amazon
Napkins, plates, cups: Target drive up
Food: Aldi delivery 

xo kristin

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