Thursday, March 12, 2020

Life Update. What The Heck Has Been Going On?

I wholeheartedly believe, every journey truly begins with a single step. One small uncomfortable step forward, a small change of mindset. Click. In turn, it may take you places you would have not considered. Perhaps, for a more richer more meaningful life? More purpose?

These last eight+ months have been one hell of a ride, to say the least. One, that did not come without growing pains, mom guilt, frustration and tears. A true roller coaster of emotions, a ride that never seemed to stop. Twist after twist. Each painful uncomfortable twist leading us ironically, right where we’re meant to be. A place we didn’t expect. Only a few knew, some guessed, others left curious.. wondering, what the heck has been going on with this girl (I can only assume). Well, the truth behind the last half of the year is..


Matt, had been interviewing for a new position within the government. A position that would require a few moves for our family. As a result, we thought the best place to be was, together. So, without hesitation, we listed our house and started to plan our next steps. We made the shocking decision to become full time RVers. Yep. You hundred percent read that right. We had our RV picked out, design plans ready and starting the process of downsizing however, the universe had other plans for our family. In short though, that unfortunately, was taken off the table and things yet again, were completely thrown up in the air.

Let’s rewind a bit, yes, it has only been two (seemly long) years since we built our current house. When we listed our first house in 2017, our initial plan was to move into a townhouse or an apartment as sort of a reset. We did not think of buying again let alone build again. Matt and I stumbled across some model homes in our area and upon entering, we were absolutely smitten by the model home. It wooed us with its enticing large foyer. The thought of a playroom, which would house all the toys. Our children could enjoy and spend time in, their very own space. The vision of a dreamy farmhouse custom white kitchen. The beautiful woodsy view. This house had everything we thought we wanted and it filled our ego, all the way up. It was a great daydream but sadly, It fueled the cycle of always wanting more when we should have taken the opportunity to step back.

It wasn’t long after we moved before having a larger home with basically no outdoor space began to take its toll on me. I felt a lot of guilt because, I should feel full and happy, right?  How could I be unhappy with this beautiful home? I should be enjoying all that this house offers. But instead, I felt the opposite. Like, we had over extended ourselves both financially and with maintenance. I quickly started to drown in our own chaos and material things. I just couldn't seem to keep up. The house started to suck all my energy, time and money. I truly thought this was everything we wanted, it was what we worked hard for, another check off the check list. Becoming more successful meant we should live and spend accordingly, right? 

After, Matt begun with the interviewing process, we slowly started stripping away distorted mindsets and the thoughts of other opinions. We finally starting focusing on what was most important to us and work towards a life we wanted. *Insert debt free journey + minimalism* To me, over a short period of time.

The American dream was no larger a big fancy house, it was freedom.

Freedom has many shapes + forms and can mean something different to you. But for us, freedom is being debt free, being able to pay cash for all purchases. It’s not working overtime to make ends meet. Its not being a slave to a large house. It’s being able to say, yes and traveling more. It’s slowing down and savoring the little moments. It’s getting outside to play and make sweet sweet memories. Freedom for us turned out, not to be a RV or a new job after all, to our surprise the universe had other plans for us. 

Freedom, for us.. ended up being a much smaller house. A 1979 ranch charmer, ironically closer to family, on a half acre! A quaint cozy home with lots of potential with a dreamy pool and one day, chickens. Swoon. It is the life we daydreamed about, served right up to us, unexpectedly. We will be happily, dropping 600+ sq ft, which allows us to focus on what truly matters.

Basically, In the end, our love is much bigger than any house. We decided that all we really need is each other and all we want is a story to tell. So, we’ve traded our big house with an HOA and small yard for a simpler life with less stuff and more adventure. I will be painting, DIYin’ and thrifting my way through this next house. It’s out of my comfort zone, a total challenge but it awakens my soul. I invite you along to for all the before + afters! For behind the scenes make sure you’re following me over on Instagram @all.things.kristin

Here's a little peak into our vision for the new house. 
Living room + Kitchen!

Honestly, was not sure if we’d make it here with everything going on but we did and I’m so thankful!  Less, but better. Let the renos begin!


  1. Ah man, just so stinking proud of you! It's been such a pleasure to watch you go along this journey! SO excited about this next chapter!! :)

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words and support! So glad you’re here!

  3. Congrats girl! So happy for you and Matt and you sweet babes!!!! Xoxo Stephanie