Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Five Things To Know When Renting A Charter Boat

So long Spring, Hello Summer.
We love spending our Summers outside doing activities with the whole family. Isn't that what Summer is for? We have been looking into chartering a boat to go on a family fishing trip. But I was clueless, Whether you are chartering your own boat or hiring a professional crew...I've gathered up five important things to know before you're to set sail.

1. Bring Sunscreen- This may seem like a no brainer to some of us but for those of you who are not on the water enough, this is a mandatory thing to have with you. The sun is so much stronger on the water due to the sun’s reflection so you’ll want to bump up your sunscreen number a few times. I usually love to bring 75 with me which helps ease into the first few summer months. Make sure to reapply if you are going at a peak time during the day, which is usually between the hours of 11-2pm.

2. Have A Cooler - The point of going on these fishing charter boats is to catch fish but did you even remember to bring your cooler with you? Of course, the charter boats will have these built in with their boat but once you are done with the trip, you’ll want to be able to bring your winning fish home with you! Grab a few extra coolers for the road and you’ll be all set to transport your fish.

3. Research A Reliable Company - Think of what type of charting you want to be with your friends on? There are actually all sorts of various boats ut there to either just chater you around the area or actually enjoy a day of fishing. If you are in the south Florida location, a great company to help ease your first time fears is called Shake N Bait Charters. They are the perfect cruising, fishing and having a great time on the water company that you’ll feel safe, secure and enjoy yourself ( isn’t that the point of the experience!) If you’re uneasy about being on the water, don’t sweat it. They only have a top speed of about 40 miles an hour and a cruising speed of 32 so you’ll still be able to enjoy a decent conversation with your friends while also the luxurious time on the boat. The charter also has a deep freezer and refrigerator for all your fishing needs, four tackle drawers and plenty of space for all your coolers and needs. Additionally, it offers a stateroom which has a stereo, lockers for storing your personal valuables, a headroom for those tall people who are bigger then 6/5 and of course, a television to relax and catch up on “Below Deck”. I think the best part about this particular company is even if you are a bit nervous about fishing, you don’t have to be nervous about what to do once you’ve got the fish. The friendly staff not only help you with getting your fish off the hook but they help filet it and then keep it wrapped up for you so when it’s time to go home, all you need to do is grab your cooler and you’re all set. Amazing!

4. You DON’T Need a License - Where other sports may require a license ( think hunting ) you actually don’t need a fishing license to do this! The charter will cover your license with their fee because the cost is covered in the booking boat. Phew- which actually is a great feature so it’s one less thing you need to worry about bringing or loosing ( just kidding ) and you can enjoy the salty air with your best friends.

5. Have Fun - Most important thing for you first timers- enjoy yourself, relax and have fun. Easier said than done ( for those that get super motion sickness like myself, you’ll be sure to pack extra motion sickness pills for the rough water ha ) but really, have a good time. It’s not every day you get to enjoy the views from a gorgeous boat, friendly staff and all your friends in one area together. Believe me, once you’ve gotten a taste of charter fishing, this will be something you and your friends will want to continue to do year after year together, for parties, gatherings or just something different during the long weekends in the sun. After all, now you’ll be an experienced boater and can teach other newcomers the easy 101 guide to being on your fist fishing charter.

Image: Shake N Bait Charters

xo Kristin

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