Thursday, May 2, 2019

American Electric

Do you remember a time when you didn’t have any electricity working within your home or work office? Was it difficult to navigate your way around the place? What about cooking? It can be a challenge not to have your microwave, oven or stove not working! Face it, we need help when it comes to electricity but my advice would not be to try and do it yourself if you’ve never tried working with wires before.

In fact, I have had a few friends share their horror stories of neighbors whose power have gone out and tried to work on a deadline or weren’t able to leave their home because their garage door was shut. There are even scary stories of those forgetful friends who left a curling iron on in the bathroom all day only to get a call from the fire station about a small fire that came from it! IT doesn’t have to be anything big to get you to make sure our electricity and wiring is up to code within the building that you work or your home but it’s better to be safe than sorry don’t you think?

Image: American Electric

If you live in the Jacksonville area, a company that is always there no matter what is called American Electric. Run by Mike Murphy who began this small business in 1998, he also has a team of train technicians who keep it running day in and day out. The friendly staff at American  Electric offer a wide range of industrial and residential services to aid you when you need it most. One of my favorite things about this company is that they are available 24/7 to help you so you can get back into your normal routine as soon as possible

Another great reason why American electric should be your go to electrician company is that they offer an amazing military base contracting! They have six military installations in the vicinity of northeast Florida and they specialize in performing electrical work that has those specific needs of military application. They deliver 5 star quality results with their cutting edge technology and applications as well as making sure that they repair and install with only the best of the best licensed electricians out there. They hope to make the work of their military personnel not only safer but easier and more efficient with their service, repairs, upgrades and more! They even deliver high quality electrical contracting to all area local bases including Naval Station in Mayport, Camp Blanding, Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay and Naval Air Station. Don’t be fooled about other companies that say they work on bases but don’t. You can be sure that American Electric in Jacksonville actually holds a DBIDS or Defense Biometric Identification System which is necessary to gain access to all area military bases. These credentials apply to supplies, subcontractors, service providers and vendors who seek bases access to perform Military Electrical Contracting. Again, offering 24/7 full access to all area military bases so you won’t be forced to wait for your electrical contractor to obtain that DBIDS security card. It takes up to 180 days and requires the filing of security forms, background checks and annual renewal to maintain base access. You do not want to risk contracting with a company that puts up a great front but does not pass that required security pass to help you.

In short, you will not be disappointed when hiring American Electric as your go to electrician company. They pride themselves on being first in safety, project management, customer service, customer satisfaction, meeting quality timelines as well as budgets, office and retail electrical designs installation and services and first and foremost all your honest feedback and relationship. Even if you don’t live right in the Jacksonville area, American Electric does serve clients within the surrounding states such as Savannah, Georgia to Orlando, Florida. They are dedicated to keeping everything running smoothly, their genuine relationships with their contractors and clients as well as their safety policies to maintain a clean project environment within your home or your office building. Be sure to check them out on their Facebook page, their website or any YouTube to keep up to date with their latest projects but near and far, quality client feedback or just your day to day updates. You’ll appreciate the satisfaction you receive with a quality, cooperative and ethically run company right in your backyard.

Electricity is something we definitely do not think twice about.. However it is so important to make sure you find a company with values but most importantly a company your family can trust. Thankful we've found that with American Electric.


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