Friday, October 18, 2019

Our Week In The Mountains

Hi, babes! As you may have seen over on Instagram. We spent the week up in the mountains. We spent most of our days outside exploring, chasing the best next view. The kids rode golf carts, climbed huuuge rocks, saw incredible mountain views and we made some cherish-able family memories. I've been coming to to this area since I was old enough to travel. Over time this area has become one of my favorite places to escape too. It just tugs at my heart. There is truly something special about these small towns and what they have to offer. Maybe the simplicity? There was no WIFI or cell service at my grandmother's house so, it was refreshing to be disconnected from the outside world and unplug for a bit. Heres a glimpse into our week..

The annual Pumpkin Festival. Pumpkin Town, South Carolina.
The reason we come up north every year. Welll... not the only but maybe the main reason. My entire family loves this festival. We've been coming to it almost every year since I was a kid and my family maybe even before that. It's kind-of become our yearly thing! It fills my cup up watching my kiddos enjoy it as much as we do! 


A quick trip to North, Carolina for Grand Dad's Apples.
This family owned apple farm is a family favorite. We also come here every year! They have plenty for the kiddos to do, great photo spots and even farm animals! OH and no shortage of pumpkins or apple slushies! 

 Day Trip to bat-cave, Chimney Rock Village & Lake Lure. 
Talk about some amazing mountain views. This area is so insanely beautiful. I'm in awe of the views. Mountains on the left and river water on the right. Breathtaking. We had a blast walking around exploring, taking in the view and checking out the mom n' pop shops. Anyone else a sucker for those type of shops too? We saw some gorgeous gems straight from the river. Which by the way...was probably the kids favorite part. They loved climbing those larger then life rocks. My little dare devils. 

Pickens Flea Market. Pickens South, Carolina.
 Where are my flea market + thrifters at? I'd like to think Matt is the Chip to my Joanna, as we both love flea markets. Although, he might not agree.

Pretty Place + Caesar's Head.
It was a cloudy day but the views still speak for themselves. Pretty Place is one of the most peaceful places I've ever been too. These photos absolutely do not do it any justice. If you ever catch yourself in the area of Caesar's Head, I would highly highly recommend. On the way up you catch stunning views, a few pull over look outs and Pretty Place. I mean just check out these photos! 

Waterfall off the road.
 I have to be honest.. I have no clue what the actually name of this waterfall is. This peaceful little waterfall is just a minute or two down from my grandmother's house. Its one of those hidden gems.. you see a waterfall from the road but there is so much more behind it. You're able to climb the rocks up the side of the waterfall which brings you to this abandon house? Well all thats left of a house..  just a giant eerie yet beautiful fireplace. 

Sass game strong.

xo Kristin

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