Friday, November 23, 2018

Our elves brought WHAT?

This year.. our elf on the shelf elves Stella and Sam, REALLY out did themselves! These sneaky elves just could not wait any longer to give our kiddos their BIG surprise!! A special surprise straight from the North Pole to kick off this holiday season!  

As we gathered around our TV to get ready to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, while still in our jammies.. our door bell rang. We thought “who in the world could that be?” As usual my kiddos jumped up with excitement and ran full speed to our front door. “Mom who is it? Who is it!?” As we opened the door we noticed a HUGE bright red shiny box topped with a very large sliver bow. There sat our two elves! Our kiddos were SO excited to see them! “Mom STELLA! “ our elves brought with them a very special delivery along with a personalized letter straight from Santa himself!!

Harper and Camden began to really freak out at this point. Seriously what could be in this large present? All of a sudden the big red box shook and moved a little bit. Harper said " ITS A PUPPY!" After we finished up reading the letter from Santa..we let them share the honors of lifting the large lid. Soooo what was in our big surprise?

Everyone meet Charleigh! 
Our sweet eight week old female golden doodle!! We couldn’t be more excited to complete our family with this addition!! 

We have been looking into a doodle mix for a good year or so. Months ago, we fell in love with a golden doodle but it wasn’t the right time for us to bring in another dog. After we left the pet store, Harper picked out the name Charleigh. It stuck! We are smitten with you Charleigh girl.

Harper is obsessed with this sweet girl.


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