Friday, November 30, 2018

Five Simple Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your Kiddos!

Can you even believe it's that time of year again? Phew! I have no clue where 2019 actually went..but it''s basically gone. H E L L O 2020! Oh, wait too soon? Well I guess before I get ahead of myself.. lets chat about stocking stuffers! I like to keep my stockings simple + fill with things they can use. Here are five simple ideas to fill your children's stocking with some love.

Socks and or Slippers
I love browsing the dollar spot at our local Target. That is where I find most of our stocking stuffers. Throughout the year, they have adorable children socks and sometimes slippers. Whenever I happen to come across some that I think the kids will like, I grab em'!

Minimal candy
I'm not really into stuffing our stockings with tons of candy. Lets be real, my kiddos definitely do NOT need any sugar highs. However, I do grab a few holiday themed candies. Usually I go with the Hershey kisses candy canes and a few marshmallow Santas. The dollar store has a great selection of themed candy.

Small toys
I love grabbing little toys for their stockings. This year I purchased a few small wooden cars for Cam and a few lip glosses for Harper. Along with some blind bags! Anyone else's kids love blind bags?

I love a gift that keeps giving. Tickets or passes are a great way to go! You can do your local indoor playground,  the Zoo, Disney passes, Science center passes! SO many places offer yearly passes! Plus there are tons of shows or special events that you can purchase tickets for in advance!

Art Supplies
My daughter can not get enough! She loves anything art related. This is a great time to toss old art supplies and stock up on fresh paint, crayons, new paint brushes + other art supplies and stuff what I can in their stockings!

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