Wednesday, May 9, 2018

To the little boy who picks me flowers.

To the little boy who picks me flowers. I hope you never change. Sometimes the world seems dark and dull but then I see you. Standing there with a proud look upon your soft face. The sun shining bright and warm down on us, In a large field full of greenery. You reach your arms out to me, holding a single beautiful dark cream flower. 

My son, In two years you’ve grown into the little boy of my dreams. You are a sweet kind hearted simple soul. Full of life, charm and your dad’s humor. Overflowing with love and compassion. Seems impossible for your young age but never the less it is the truth. You’ve brought a new level of happy into our lives and filled a hole we didn’t know needed to be filled. 

When those big brown eyes of yours meet mine, I’am overwhelmed with a sense of calm and happiness. Those brown eyes which by the way you got from me, are filled with courage and adventure. You are different from the rest my gentle son. You are truly one of a kind. You are mine. I hope your never change. 

To my littlest love. Happiest of birthdays.
And Thank you for always picking me flowers. 

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