Thursday, May 17, 2018

Front porch entry impromptu DIY

As I begain my party prep for Camden's up coming party it hit me how UGLY our front porch entry is. To our disbelief our builders left our entry this way. Crazy right? Considering this is the first impression of our home. This entry bothered us since we moved in and went straight to the "must take care of" list. However life got busy and other projects took present. Because lets be real, painting especially outside stinks. So as I was sweeping the porch entry the day before the party I said to myself "what the hell, lets paint this" Below are the before and after's! Total transformation.

Product used
Paint roller
    Plastic paint bin
            Left over paint our builders left us



Side by Side before and after

Amazing what some paint can do right?

Door mat Target
No solicing sign picked up at a art festival
Gold pot stand + plants Walmart

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