Friday, April 27, 2018

Pool Bag Must Haves!

Spring is here! Summer is right around the corner, coming in fast and hot (especially if you are here in Florida with me.) Its already in the mid 80s here and we are a few weeks away from a few mini vacations! This has me thinking about packing and whats going into my pool bag for our hotel stay. I really like to keep things simple and neat. I try not to over pack, especially since moms get stuck carrying everyone's crap!

Here is a look into our bag with our pool must haves!

I usually only pack towels for the kiddos (unless we are heading to the beach) because most hotels offer pool towels. They’re  just to big for the kids and I prefer to bring our own.


This is a no brainer right? Its important to stay hydrated.

I bring a small bottle of sunscreen with us so it doesn't take up much space. We usually use Babyganicss or Honest company because my son has very sensitive skin. 

I've given up on all hopes of my kiddos wearing hats but its a must for me!

Pool toys
Although hotel pools often offer slides or splash pads I still find in my kids ages (5 & 2) that bringing some pool toys is a great way to keep them busy.
Hair ties

Can never have enough, right? 

Wet/dry bag
I have an extra pair of clothes in this bag.This is a great way to get the kids out of their swim suits and change them into something dry. I just throw the wet suits in this bag after we change and it keeps all the water contained! 


Because toddlers.

Book or journal

I love laying out in the sun reading a good book. I also love to journal. Going to the pool with kids doesn't always allow for this but if we are in a larger group with family or friends we can sneak in some reading time. So always just throw in a book just in case.


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