Wednesday, December 18, 2019

How I Spent Only $200 On Harper's Paw-ty!

k, maybe you read, "I only spent $200 on a party" and rolled your eyes. Maybe that's what YOU usually spend. Maybe you spend even less (props to you, sis!). Maybe throwing birthday parties just ain't ya thing or  maybe you opt for a day of fun instead.

Me? I freaking love hosting. In a past life.. I totally was some type of party planner. I'm one of those "moms" that love to throw lavish birthday parties for my children.. you know the ones with the themed food, bounce houses, face painters, large unnecessary fondant cakes, balloons on balloons on balloons. Catching my flow here? I easily spend $800+ on a single birthday party. I tend to usually spend $125-$200 on just a cake alone. I KNOW. Go ahead and pick that mouth up off the floor. Especially in December. OUCH! All of it's fun but lets be real here..a lot of it unnecessary.

When we started our budget and journey into minimalism in June, we thought throwing Harper a party was out of reach. The month of December is easily our most expensive... how in the heck are we going to pull off a party for her + pay for all the holiday season brings with only cash? But this year Matt and I, decided we needed to narrow in on quality over quantity. We simply can't DO ALL THE THINGS this year (and by the way, that's totally OK). So, we figured out what was most important and let the rest go. We decided to go ahead with a party to celebrate our girl turning S I X! But we set a $200 budget for the entire party and everything for the party was purchased from Amazon + Dollar Tree.

 I'm sharing all of Harper's Paw-ty deets with you, linking items and giving you the low down on how I spent only $200 on this adorable paw-ty! I'm here to show you, you can totally still throw a kick ass party for your kid without breaking the bank!


Dollar Store Haul
First lets chat about the Dollar Store. If you've been here for awhile then you are aware that the Dollar Store is my freaking jam! You can find just about anything there. On Pinterest I found collar making stations and cute set ups and thought.. I can totally get most of that from the Dollar Store. So here is what I grabbed from the Dollar Store.
  • table cloths
  • balloon pump
  • plastic utensils
  • lunch plates
  • cake plates
  • napkins
  • dog bowl (for make your pet a collar station)
  • beads
  • pipe cleaners

spent $12.

 All About that cake!
This year we went with a Publix cake. I knew they're known for their delicious cakes but I was not aware, that they've come a long way with cake designs! They made this crowd pleasing pink ombre' cake with chocolate candy balls for only $24.99! While we were ordering the cake we add a dozen plain cupcakes. Harper and I decorated them ourselves with Scooby Doo treats and rose gold sprinkles! She totally got a kick out of decorating her own cupcakes. Publix did not have our cupcake order ready when we went to grab our cake, so we actually got our cupcakes for free! WIN!

Birthday Wishes


Adopt A Pet
These pups came from the amazing home of Amazon. The entire bundle of adorable pups was less then 20 bucks! I scored the print outs during a Black Friday sale from misspokadot on Etsy.

Collar Making Station
Can you even believe this little set up only cost me $4!

Custom Cookies
The only splurge I did on this party were these cookies. I felt like we needed something to tie the theme together and I was blown away with my previous order with Purple Tulip Cookie Co. So I went ahead and ordered a dozen cookies. I was blown away yet again with the thought out special touches and details. It was their idea to add the number six. 100% worth the splurge.

Food Details
As far as food goes, I wanted to keep it pretty simple. I ordered 8 large pizza's from Pizza Hut with a discount code, strawberries and a variety of chips + dip. We used cute food labels like pupperoni, pawberries and pawtato chips to go with the puppy theme.

Party Decor
The rest of the party supplies were ordered from Amazon. Thank the lawd people throw parties for their dogs because I ordered a dog party kit for only $10. I did order extra balloons and the glitter rose gold table runner. All linked here! I linked extra party supplies I found that I thought would also be great!

Harper had a great day filled with family, friends, laughter and fun. We were able to make her puppy themed paw-ty a reality and I'm pretty dang proud of myself for sticking to our $200 budget! Who knew, with some thought, The Dollar Tree and Amazon could make all our party dreams come true. 

xo kristin

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