Sunday, February 17, 2019

Five Reasons Why Waking up early Rocks.

If you're anything like me.. the thought of waking up earlier than you have too basically.. sounds like a hard NO. Right? Sleep is life. So why on earth would you want to get up earlier then you have too?  Wellll hear me out.. There are some great benefits to waking up before anyone else in your home. I was really in need of some "me time" so as a New Year resolution, I challenged myself to wake up before anyone else in my home and I've got to be honest.. I'm loving it! 

Here are my top five reasons to wake up early and conquer your day.

Quiet Time - If you live in a noisy house with dogs + kids, this is a perfect opportunity from some "me time"! Enjoy that hot coffee babe!

Being Late - Hitting snooze leads to being rushed which then turns into being late. If you're like me and have a child in school. You know the mornings can be complete chaos.

Stop Feeling Rushed - Being in a rush can be stressful and cause anxiety throughout your day. You're also more likely to forget to do things or skip important rituals like you know.. coffee.

Exercise -  Get that blood flowing. You can go to the gym, go for a quick run or do some yoga at home like me! Its a great way to get a head start to your day and get your mood right.

Enjoy The Sun - When was the last time you saw the sunrise? Or do you hit snooze so much you don't even think about catching it? Catching the morning sun is a great time to mediate, visualize aspirations, do some deep breathing (especially if you've struggled with anxiety like me.) All of these things will create a peaceful mind state so you can rock your day with intention.

I get it.. the thought of waking up early can turn you off but give it a try! I think you'll be impressed with how smoothly your day goes and bonus the day comes with a great mood. So stop hitting snooze and run the day. Stop letting the day run you!

Alone time is when I distance myself from the voices of 
the world so I can hear my own.

xo Kristin

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