Friday, February 1, 2019

Blog turns ONE, sayyyy what?

This month is a very special month for me. All Things Kristin Blog turns ONE! I cannot believe it! Typing this feels weird, real weird! ONE! What! How! I honestly feel like.. I just started blogging yesterday. 

Making this anniversary a big deal for me, mostly because I’m a quitter. I quit just about everything. Sad but true. Making this one year anniversary even more special. Like, I DID IT! I really did. To be honest I thought for sure I’d let my fears get the better of me, never go public or get transparent about some aspects of my life.  But here I am. Still blogging a year later with more fire than ever. No end in sight. Just more growth. 

I started this blog with no real idea on what I was doing. On a random whim. Scared of being judged, uncomfortable but knew this was something I really wanted. With the intention of sharing my home projects, DIYs and my life. I decided to go for it. I nervously hit launch.. and well the rest is history!

All Things Kristin Blog has blossomed into much more then I've hoped for. It’s been an outlet. A creative space. A place where I’ve I stepped out of my comfort zone (more than I can count). I’ve connected with like minded people. But most importantly this blog has become a fun escape for me. I love being able to share my thoughts, feelings, the brands I love and of course our home with you! 

I'm just feeling so damn thankful + proud right now! I cannot wait to see what this second year of All Things Kristin has in store. Thank you so much for your support, kind words, encouragement and love. Cheers to another year babes!

Pictures by Brittany Tyler Photography 


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