Sunday, November 18, 2018

Traditions + Gratefulness

In lieu of it being Thanksgiving week. I thought I’d share our Thanksgiving morning tradition + 10 things I’m grateful for! 

I’m a huge lover of traditions, especially now that I have my own family. But lets wind it back...ever since I can remember on Thanksgiving morning we would watch the Macy’s parade in our jammies. My mom always made yummy homemade cranberry beard to enjoy while we watched. For beverage we enjoyed the sweet taste of sparking apple cider ( totally switched to mimosas as an adult). All while mom would be in the kitchen and the smell of delicious food flooded our house. Ahh sweet memories. 

Fast forward, now that I’m the mama, Ive made the effort to keep up this morning tradition! We make our homemade cranberry bread. (but lets be real, nobody makes it like ma) I make sure to stock up on champagne and sparking apple cider. I buy plastic champagne glasses from the dollar store (my kids love these) just to make it a little more special. And we gather around the tv to enjoy the parade! Some years I’m in the kitchen prepping food and others i'm not (insert happy dance). Since this year I’m not hosting, I’m going to enjoy the holiday to its fullest.

  1. Our health 
  2. Family + friends
  3. Traditions
  4. Daddy being off this Thanksgiving
  5. The love of my husband
  6. Laughter of my children
  7. Regular income 
  8. Delicious holiday food 
  9. Freedom + work flexibility (thank you entrepereneurship)
  10. Opportunities 

xo kristin

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