Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Simple cotton ball reward system!

Simple cotton ball reward system

I am not a mom that often buys toys. However I often feel some mom guilt for this! My daughter who is almost five was born unexpectedly right before Christmas so I often feel like.. she receives all her toys at once vs some time separation like most kids. Commonnnn its hard going with out toys! Especially for young ones! So I wanted to come up with a simple system that allows her (and my son) to earn toys, outings or something special. I am all about raising kind humans with gratitude. 

We have tried the chore chart along with the sticker chart for a few weeks, it was way more maintenance for me than it did any good for my kids. So one night while we were watching one of my daughters favorite Youtube channels, we came across them talking about a cotton ball reward jar. It was almost to quick and they did not explain all the details of their system but I absolutely loved the idea! The idea that my kiddos could actually see the jar filling along with moving the cotton balls made me think this could work for our family! So here is my simple reward system! 

Cotton balls can be given for

  • Eating new foods
  • Cleaning their rooms or playroom
  • Picking up toys
  • Doing a good deed
  • Feeding the dog
  • Behaving at school
  • Putting their dishes into the sink
(really whatever you see fit for your family, each is unique)

I don't plan on taking away cotton balls at this time. My children are still pretty young. I want to install that good behavior equals positive outcome. I may plan on doing that as they become older but for now keeping it simple is best for my toddlers.

Rewards (full jar)

Toy certain amount $10 or under
Special outing (movies, play gym, sleep over ect)
Save fill up (wanting a special more expensive item/reward)

What you'll need

  • 1 jar per child. You can write their names on each jar or have them decorate their own.
  • Cotten balls or Pom Poms.

Xo Kristin

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