Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Harper + Camden's Bedrooms

Can a nursery or bedroom be adorable but also provide lots of storage? The answer is YES! Lets be real here..babies and kids have a ton of crap for such little people. It can easily become overwhelming. Finding the balance is key. Getting a room to look beautiful but also be functional and practical for everyday living is the perfect picture. My personal pet peeve in any room is clutter so here's a look into each of my kiddos room and what I've done for storage.


Cam's room was a merge of my husband's nursery idea and mine. I'm a huge Peter Pan fan and my husband not so much but he wanted a nautical theme. I figured they basically go hand in hand so Cam's room is a good mix of both.

If you're a Peter Pan fan yourself then you'll love all the little details in his room. From the treasure map above his rope lamp to the touches of tick toc (alligator) throughout his room.


One of the most important things in any space especially nursery's is storage and organization. Although babies are small they require quit the stuff. 

Changing table.

For this room I used his changing table for a lot of my storage. I made a small hanging caddy for easy access to things we need quickly. The small caddy is where i keep our everyday stuff lotions, powder and other daily randomness. I found grey wire storage baskets at Target and I use those for diapers and blankets. I love the look of wire baskets. Then have the two solid grey storage tubes one is for his pj's and the other we throw socks and bibs in. 

3 cub storage.

(pictured above)
If i'm being completely honest..I purchased the white 3 cube storage because it was the only thing I could think of that would be a perfect fit for in between his two windows. However not only does it look great in that space we use the two green cubes to hide stuff. Books, toys and random kid junk can be found hidden away.


We purchased a small white dresser from Wayfair to fit into his closet. This is where we store Camden's pants, shorts and shoes. I have an empty drawer if i'm being honest and I totally could put the diapers and wipes in side but i like quick access to them. Sometimes out of site means out of mind. The two large grey bins I purchased from Walmart is where I store extra sheets. I also store the items I can't seem to part with until full enough for a large plastic bin. Having a closest with minimal clutter makes for finding things so much easier.


When we were building this house we told Harper she could choose the theme for her upcoming big girl room. She choose mermaid, I mean what four year old wouldn't? We transformed her nursery like room into a mermaid hide out. Luckily we were able to keep some items from her original nursery to help cut cost of redoing an entire room. We purchased a Pottery Barn twin bed, put away the crib and hit up Hobby Lobby. 

Book Shelf.

We love books but finding the space to store them can be difficult. While browsing on Pintrest a few years back I came across this Ikea spice rack hack for book shelf's. These spice racks are only like 3 bucks and they come plain so you can customize or paint any color you'd like. Also that cute little chevron bin is great for hiding stuffed animals.

Dresser Storage.

I wanted to order another dresser just like Camden's for my daughter's closet but while my husband was helping a friend move they were throwing out this adorable white dresser. He brought it home and we brought it new life. All her leggings, shorts, pants, socks and PJs are stored here. Basically the only thing in her closet are her hanging shirts, dresses a her laundry basket.

Cube storage.  

Funny enough we found this adorable pink cube cubby on the side of the road. It was in great shape and adds so much extra storage to her room! We store shoes, handbags, backpacks and random things here.

I should add that when we built this house a playroom was on the must have list. Having the playroom has helped so much with our clutter because we're able to keep their rooms very simple with almost no toys. I also recommend cleaning out closets, toys and random junk every few months. Kids out grow and out play so much so quick. I've started putting their out grown items in a plastic bin in the garage until I can get to a second hand store or donate. DO THIS and I promise you wont have much clutter!

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