Saturday, October 2, 2021

5 Simple Tips To Help Your Child With A Move.

While you might be excited for a new move ahead, the dream of new possibilities in a dream career your children on the other hand might be feeling the opposite. This is normal to happen in families, especially if a parent is moving through their career and aiming to the next big position to help their family. This also can be expected for them to uproot everyone as well, however the result of moves can leave a lasting negative effect on everyone involved. Below are a few tips to help your child cope when it comes to moving, even if it might just be a few miles down the road. 

  1. Getting Rid of Items They Don’t Need: One way your child can help in the moving process is getting rid of any items they don’t wear, use or play with anymore. Put in two boxes for them to go through themselves. One box can be for donating and another box can be for keeping. Have them pick out at least 10 items for each box. They can even visit the charity or donation location so they know exactly where their old items will be dropped off. I like to tell my kids that one man’s junk can be another person’s new favorite treasure. 

  1. Point Out The Positive: Children focus on the negatives and losses when it comes to moving. They are in the middle of leaving their routine, sense of belonging, neighbor, and above all, close friends they’ve made. Helping your child empathize with the positive effect of their new home, this can assist them in seeing the good in their new adventure. It’s an opportunity for them to get to know a new city or state. It’s also a chance to make new friends. Let them know that the family will benefit from moving everyone because this is something they might be more unsure about. Encourage them to share their feelings about what’s happening too and that it’s normal to feel the pull and push of these emotions. 

  1. Connect With Old Community: Once your move officially happens and you are learning to get settled in your new area, encourage your child to write emails, letters, or make phone calls to their old friends. Let your child know that even though you have moved, they do not have to break those ties that have been so important to them. You can even throw a small goodbye party, take pictures and be sure to try and schedule a time to visit again if you can. 

  1. Read Novels: Depending on how old your child is, they might not understand what moving is or has to deal with. Reading a book can help bring that to life and be able to help them ask questions if they have it. There are several uplifting books to help discuss what will happen when the big moving day occurs so they aren’t scared, nervous, or anxious about it. One of our favorites to read is called “The Berenstain Bear’s Moving Day because it helps discuss the tribulations and trials of moving, preparing to relocate, and showcases the same feelings your children might be feeling without realizing it. 

  1. Hiring The Professionals: If the move is too much for your family to try and pack by yourself, save the frustration and hire professionals to help with the heavy load. Of course, when it comes to hiring a company you only want the best in the Houston area so be sure to call a trusted company such as 24/7 Logistic Services. These professionals are background-checked and trained movers to help you move all your heavy and bulky items with ease. This Hollywood, Florida long-distance movers company are trusted movers and basically lessen the stress you might have when figuring out how to move these large items out of your house and into a truck. You can rest easy knowing that these items will arrive safely and in the same condition, you purchased them in and offer you the hand you are looking for. 

Image: 24/7  Logistic Services

Moving can be such an exciting time and the feeling that everyone is having are completely normal to the situation. Depending on how old your children are, they might grieve, have no idea what’s happening, or just be excited about a new adventure in a new state. Be as open-minded, honest, and empathetic towards how everyone is feeling. Hope these few tips help your move be an easy transition.

xx kristin

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