Friday, January 3, 2020

Living More Intentionality: How To.

I just don’t feel it in me to “set” new year resolutions this year. Sure, I still plan to continuously work towards aspirations I’ve already set, but I want to switch it up a bit. I want to slow down and savor all the goodness in my days to come. Heard of “one word resolutions”? Well, I’m freakin’ here for it.
For 2020 I choose the word intentional.
I want to be more intentional with the relationships in my life, with my children, what I spend time on, what I purchase, the food I consume, and my screen time. I want to be present in the moment, fully emerged. I want to be intentional with my actions, not distracted. Making the conscience effort to slow down. Nourishing and savoring the minutes of the days instead of rushing through them. So for instance.. kind of like, when my grandparents used to tell me “to slow down and smell the roses.” But, actually do it. Here are 10 simple ways i'm living 2020 with more intention!

Stop multitasking 
This is a tough one. I feel like we live in a generation of multi-tasking. Try single tasking, focus your energy on one thing at a time. 

Value your time
If you don't value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents. Valuing your time helps you become more productive and effective without the burn out. Time blocking or choosing your top five "to dos" for the day are all great ways of valuing your time, staying focused and finishing in a timely manner. So, ultimately you can put your energy towards other important things.

Declutter your space
Clutter is a direct tigger of stress and anxiety. If you've got items in your home not being used, expired or items you've out grown, then you NEED to spend time decluttering. Your home is your safe space to land, if it is being overtaken by "stuff" then it is 100% clouding your mind and adding unnecessary stress. Spend 5-15 minutes a day decluttering and organizing your home. Eventually, there will be less to clean, less to tidy, so you can spend more on time what really matters to you.

More stretching, less stressing. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong and healthy. It is also linked to better mood, clarity, even reduced anxiety and stress. Bonus, stretching just feels freakin' GOOD. 

Practice being present
Wherever you are, be there totally. -Eckhart Tolle

This can mean many things but i'm talking about slowing your roll and being present in the moments, savoring it all in. Listen more, instead of talking. Put your phone on silent or even better don't have it out while you play with your kids, while you're at dinner, or with a friend. Have more meaningful deep conversations but ALL IN. Time slips by so fast, don't be distracted. 

Practice gratitude + goal setting 
Practicing this is so important! A real game changer, girl. Stop complaining, just stop it and appreciate how lucky you are every. single. day. Once you focus on what you're already blessed to have.. amazing things happen.

Limit your scroll
Spend less time on your social accounts, especially be more aware of your mindless scrolling. Set boundaries for yourself + protect your peace. The comparison game can kill your vibe. Limit your scroll and do yourself a favor, unfollow accounts that no longer bring you peace + joy and follow accounts that inspire you. 

Buy less
Be intentional with your money. You worked hard for it. But are you aware, we buy things twice? Yep. Think about this..  we buy things once with our money and again with our time. Meaning, everything you own, you worked for + will create work for you and you paid for it. Ouch.

Nourish your body with more plants 
Most people simply do not eat enough clean foods especially, when most meals come with a meat + a carb. Not to mention, all the processed foods, soda and caffeine. Nourish and treat your body to fresh fruits and vegetables more often. Get creative with it. Adding more and more over time, It will thank you later. 

Simplify your schedule
Time is currency, you can only spend once - unknown

Sorry to be the one to break it to ya sis, but being busy is a choice. Take a close look at your calendar and remove things that no longer serve you.  You control what you allow into your schedule. Simplify it. Learn to say no to things that fill your schedule but do not bring you happiness. 

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Did you choose a word for 2020?
Happy New Year, babes! 
Cheers to 2020.

xo kristin

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