Monday, August 12, 2019

Harper's First Day Of Kindergarten!

I can hardly believe the day is here. The day we send our first little love to Elementary school. The first time ever she'll be away from us full time. Cue the tears. Kindergarten. I can't even. Time undoubtedly is the real thief.  

However, In true real life chaotic fashion, Harper almost had to miss out on the first day. Over the weekend this cutie had an allergic reaction to something which unfortunately caused swelling of her right eye, cheek and wrist and sent this mama into a panic. After 24 hours of contentious swelling and a trip to the Doc our girl woke up this morning on the mend and ready to tackle her first day! I'm not sure that I would be feeling the same if I were her, but Harper is a lot braver than her mama. She is one courageous girl with lots of love in her heart and I'm just so damn thankful the universe choose me to me her mama.

Okayyyy, I'm whipping my tears.. I know you're here for a glimpse into our morning and cute pictures of my gal. I'll admit, I'm def "that mom" I love making a big deal out of everything. I truly enjoy making every detail memorable. I mean.. you only have a ONE FIRST DAY EVER of elementary right? 

While Harper was finishing up The Descendants 3, her current fav. I whipped up her favorite breakfast items. I asked her in advance what she wanted for breakfast on her first day of school, giving me time to prep and make the morning easier on me. After, I made these super simple food labels out of random things in our home, Told ya.. I'm that mom.

I cut some colored paper into unperfect squares, thought of the cheesiest thing I could think of that went along with the food of choice  then grabbed some tooth picks, taped to the back anVoilĂ  !

Lunch prepped, packed and ready to go!

OK OK OK..  enough deets on the morning, I know why you're here.. to see pictures of our adorable babe! We'll without tears or any further ado..

If you have kids, I truly hope your kiddos have a wonderful first day of school! I'll be here missing my girl but knowing she's in good hands. I cannot wait to hear every detail of Harper's day. I'm already counting down till pick up.. you too?

xo Kristin

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