Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Hello Thirty

Go shawty... Its your birthday.
..Is it just me or is this like a birthday anthem? Probably, just me.

To me, growing older is something to celebrate not to mourn. I love celebrating this life and all that it has to offer. Cherishing + embracing all the good, bad and ugly that comes along with it. SO, Instead of mourning that my  twenties are over, i'm looking forward to my thirties, with an open mind + gratitude. 

They often say, thirties are your best years. Why? Hmmm, maybe because we've gone through some real shit by now? Maybe its because we've decided to no longer care what others have to say? Go after certain goal? Well, whatever it is... Im here for it! I'm excited to ring in this new decade with more confidence, self discovery, love and growth. 

To celebrate this new decade, I thought it would be fun to share thirty random things about me but with a little more personality... You're welcome. 

  • I was born July 10th, 1989 In Winter Park, Florida.
  • I have one sibling, a brother who is younger than me, by like almost four years.
  • I grew up as the only girl in my family. Jackpot.
  • I have a very small family. I only have two cousins.
  • I met my husband when I was sixteen outside of our local Chick-Fil-A. I instantly thought he was for me. You, know... just by his good looks.
  •  At our wedding we could choose any meal to eat.. I choose chicken tenders with fries.
  • My hubs and I were only engaged 9 months before getting hitched but together for 5 years. Girl, put in work.
  • I originally wanted a big four kids. #notforme
  • I freaking hate airplanes but will fly anyway. Life is too short not too dudes.
  • Death scares me. 
  • I'm a New England Patriots fan. Superbowl champs YAYA!
  • Everyone in my family likes a different NFL team. Idk why they don't just like my team? We win, a lot.
  • I never wanted to own a home. I've owned two thus far.
  • I'm attracted to anything with glitter. Its prettttty and i'm basically a toddler.
  • As much as I make things bigger than they are. I crave simplicity.
  • I'm a sucker for anything pale pink or mint. Add glitter and SOLD.
  • I want to move out of the state of Florida.
  • Speaking of which.. I've only ever lived in Orlando (ish) Florida.
  • I have Anxiety and NEVER thought I'd share openly or publicly.
  • I have zero heat tolerance since having children. Stupid hormones. Also feel bad for me, I live in Florida.
  • I love yoga and need to get serious with consistency. 
  • As much as I hate to admit it.. I love theme parks. Especially Disney.
  • I'm a sucker for old historic buildings. Gimmie all the history.
  • My Starbucks order is vanilla iced coffee with cream with all the extra ice in a venti cup.
  • I don't really crave candy but I love M&Ms or AlmondJoys.
  • I attended a professional make up school. What the heck was I thinking? Oh right, I was 18. 
  • I never wanted to be a Hairstylist. Turns out, i'm not tooo bad at it.
  • I like to be more low key nowadays for my birthday's. No more big parties, please. Hint Hint why i'm on vaca.
  • I'd love to be an interior designer + house flipper. And maybe I will one day.
  • I'm just so thankful to be here. Helping people take back their lives. Being a Mother. Being an okay wife. Just so dang thankful to be freakiin 30! Man that was fast.


There is just something freeing about getting more personal here and letting my hair down sometimes.
As always, thanks for being here babes!!
xo, Kristin

Thirty flirty and thriving.

All photos taken by Lindsey Morgan Photography
Deland, Florida

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