Monday, April 29, 2019

Spring Vacation Must Have's!

Y’all, Spring is here! Can you believe it? And Summer is right around the corner. Here in Florida its already climbing into the high 80's which has me craving some sunshine. Thankfully we are just a short few weeks away from a our annual spring stay-cation. For the past three years, Matt and I have taken our kiddos somewhere fun for a few days and as the years pass, I seem to get more excited for each trip. Seeing as our trip is so close, I thought it would be fun to share my spring vacation must haves with you babes!

Cute airy sandals which make a statement but also go great with shorts or a flirty sundress are definitely a must have for your spring vacation! 

Flip flops: 
Cute but inexpensive flip flops are a must have. They are great for pool side or the beach and you don’t have to worry about ruining them with water or sand. Bonus you won’t be broken hearted if you lose one after too many piña coladas. 

A few of your fav swimmies:
I don’t know about you but I have way more bathing suits then a girl needs. I narrow down my current favs and call it a day.

A good book/journal:
I definitely love a great book, especially with a water view. This is always a time you’ll feel refreshed + recharged.. bringing a journal is also a good idea. You’ll be able to write down new goals, ideas, plans and inspiration. 

Flirty sundresses:
Show off that tan girlfriend! Wearing flirty flowy dress is a spring must! Sundresses come in all different styles but they usually are all comfortable, which is great after being in the sun all day.

Beach bag:
Obviously you’ll need something to hold all your crap while you’re at the pool! I’m linking my beach bag must haves here. Beach Bag Must Haves.

Comfy lose pajamas:
I absolutely cannot do tight clothing after being in the sun. Especially if you’ve gotten a little too much sun. Hello sunburn.  Being in comfortable lose sleepwear is a must for me. You know, right after smothering my entire body in aloe.

Sunscreen/ tanning oil:
I’m a bit of a product junkie. I mean.. aren’t all of us girls? And yes, this includes sunscreens + tanning oil. My personal favorite brand is Sun Bum. 

I got my sun + hater blockers on. I kid. I kid. Large statement sunnies seem to be a go to for me!

Spring bag:
Bring a small handbag for nights out on the town or casual dinner at the hotel. I’m really loving the wicker handbags I’ve been seeing lately and you cannot go wrong with a cute crossbody. 

I feel like hats are really in right now. I love seeing all the casual baseball caps along with the floppy transitional beach hat. Both are cute but functional. I’d pack both!

Festive jewelry: 
I leave all my good expensive jewelry home and bring inexpensive bright costume jewelry. Spring + summer is where we can get away with bright bold colors and statement pieces! Make it fun. Make it colorful. 

Happy packing babes!

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