Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Five Simple Ways To Make Valentine's Day Special for Kids

Five Simple Ways To Make Valentine's Day Special for Kids

As my kiddos have gotten older, it has become more fun to make hoilday's a bigger deal. I love celebrating them +  making special memories for my babes. My daughter is still talking about how the Easter Bunny pooped (jelly beans!) in their toilet.

So what can you do to make Valentine's Day special for your little love? Here are five simple things you can do that will make them feel very loved without breaking the bank!

Valentine gift basket. I love doing theme little gifts. I mean who doesn't like being surprised, right? I'm not a mom who buys toys often so for me this is a fun way to spoil them! This year I did all my basket shopping at Target + Dollar Tree. I'm all about saving that dough. Your baskets do not have to be expensive for your kiddos to be excited. All my items where $1 expect for the Nerf Gun + Popteenie. Each of those were around $6. I like to keep the dollar amount the same to make things fair. I spent under $30 for both baskets.

Themed plates. Both Target + Dollar Tree have themed plates for just a $1. I whip them out February first to get us in the spirit

Make a special themed breakfast. I usually keep it simple with pink heart shaped pancakes topped with whip cream + strawberries. But for more cute ideas I love this blog post 18 Vday Breakfast ideas

Write them a love letter. I saw this idea while scrolling through Pinterest and loved it! What a great way to make them feel extra special. I plan to hang some red hearts down from my dinning room fixture with their notes attached. How cute is this idea?!

Themed Craft. So many fun things you can do.. from simple all the way to straight messy! You can keep it simple with some easy art projects. My kiddos love those little painting kits or you can get a little more messy by baking sweet treats! Just a fun themed activity to spend time together and celebrate love. This was our vday project last year.

Happy love day babes.
Pictures by Brittany Tyler Photography.


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