Thursday, December 13, 2018

10 of My Favorite Low Carb Recipes.

Lately, I have been receiving a bunch of messages about sharing some of my favorite lower carb recipes. So I've gathered + linked 10 of my favorite meals just for you!

 Now let me start off by saying.. I'm not a Doctor nor nutritionist HOWEVER, if you've ever done any sort of research into healthy clean gut friendly diets. It will always go back to keeping it simple.  I'm talking a lower carb intake, lots of veggies + fruit. Little to no refined sugars. Healthy fats and lastly none to little processed foods. Also I want to add that PLEASE read your food labels and get yourself on a good probiotic! (Plexus has the best one hands down!)

Im no chef so I find most of my recipes either in my gut healthy recipe book or Pinterest. I've linked all the recipes! Keep it mind, I do add my own touches and I encourage you to do the same! Fresh garlic, onions, seasoning, herbs and spices ALL have great health benefits. But most importantly add good flavor! (Only took me 28 years to learn this)

Meal replacement shake.
I highly recommend a good meal replacement. This is a great way to get dense low carb GOOD nutrition to go! (Insert happy dance!) I have tried a ton of shake mixes from drug store-high priced and HANDS DOWN, Plexus Lean is the best plant based protein meal replacement I've ever had! Check out Lean here

Turkey sausage + veggies.
My hubby loves this one.. Its super fast and easy! 

Buffalo chicken lettuce wraps.

Bell pepper nachos.

Low carb pinwheels.
Totally great for on the go!

Low carb pizza casserole. 
I like this recipe if we are in the mood for pizza! I'll make this or we do a homemade cauliflower pizza (which are freaking delish!) If you're wanting to pick up a cauliflower crust premade, make sure to read the label!

Lettuce burgers.
Feel free to load your burgers with tons of veggies!

Low carb snack easy snack ideas.
Because who doesn't love snacks?

Ground turkey + sweet potato skillet.
This is a great meal prep recipe! Easy, fast and yummy!

Sweet potato taco bowls.
Ok, if you've been following me for awhile, then you know I FREAKING LOVE this recipe. Its easy, delish and makes a great meal prep. And to be honest, I probably cook this too much.


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