Monday, July 16, 2018

10 simple swap outs for a healthier kitchen!

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My husband and I started eating healthier along with really digging into researching about a year ago. Mine was for health reasons and my husband for weight loss. Since then we've become much more aware of what we put into our bodies.  We found that READING LABELS is the most important thing you can do! Seriously read your labels! Unfortunately there are tons of junk hidden into our foods, some you wouldn't even think of. Education is not only necessary, it is simply eye opening. 

In our spare time my husband and I also love watching documentaries. They hold tons of great information. A few of our favorites are The Magic Pill, Forks over knives, What The Health, honestly there are plenty of good docs on Netflix. Check them out in your spare time and whatever hits home to you, do your own research on top of, for yourself. Some info is pretty darn shocking. So what can you do?  Here are 10 simple swaps we have done in our home for a healthier kitchen.

Here are 10 simple swap outs for a healthier kitchen.

Vegetable oil - Coconut or avocado oil
This is huge. Vegetable oil is easily one of the worst things in our kitchen. It is man made and our bodies simply can't process it. Here are 6 reasons why it is harmful. We use both coconut and avocado oil in our home and have no plans to ever buy veggie oil again.

Flour - Almond flour
Did you know flour can cause inflammation? When I started getting my joint pain we made the switch. Almond flour is low in carbs, packed with nutrients and has a slightly sweeter taste. Almond flour also provides more health benefits than traditional wheat flour.

Bread - Minimal, if we do David’s Killer Bread
Us as Americans are a custom to crabs. We eat tons of carbs y'all.  Food manufactures hide carbs inside our food and drinks all the time.. Which is why reading labels is SO important. Refined carbs are the worst. We hardly ever buy bread and when we do we buy Davids killer bread, it is packed with vitamins, minerals + low in sugar.

Frozen food - Fresh food
When we were first living on our own we used to live off of frozen food. Frozen entrees, pizza ya know, whatever looked good we'd throw it in the cart. We hardly ate any veggies. Fast forward to today.. we hardly buy frozen food. We now usually have a fridge full of fresh veggies + fruit and freezer is pretty empty.

Basic seasoning - Spices + herbs
Who knew seasoning + cooking with spices had tons of health benefits? Spices and herbs have been around for as long as time. Our ansisters used them... why don't we? 9 great spices to cook with.

Uncrustables - David’s killer bread with nuttella 
My kids used to love uncrustable.. that bubble popped when I read the label. We swapped out for a healthier version.

Sugar - Stevia/Cane sugar
No brainier, made mad vs natural. 

Toss everything made with high fructose corn syrup 
White rice - brown rice
Unlike white, brown rice has tons of great health benefits. Heart healthDigestion and gluten-free diets. Brown rice contains 88 percent of the recommended daily amount of manganese and is also great diabetes +  has anti-inflammatory properties.

Stopped buying anything reduced fat
Sure its lower in fat but loaded with harmful sugars. Our bodies need fat. Everything is ok in moderation. 

I'am by no means a health expert but having done tons of research and watched countless of documentaries, I do know some pretty unsettling truths about our food. It is up to us to research and be aware of we put into our bodies. These swaps are pretty simple yet powerful. Hope this was helpful!


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