Tuesday, March 13, 2018

First design project.

Anyone who knows me personally knows I've always had a love for interior design. Lately I've been having (maybe a little to much) fun decorating our new home. Having seen this and knowing this love my mom asked me if I'd redo a room for her, in her home. Of course I quickly accepted this offer.  If I'm being totally honest with you, I've secretly always wanted to do this! So that being said, I was super excited to take on my first design project for someone else!


The room I was now in charge of transforming is my kiddo's bedroom at her house but also a room for any guest. Knowing this was a slight challenge. I wanted to cater to my kids and their likes + needs for the room but also to make any guest feel comfortable. Another challenge was the rooms current state was basically a catch all room. The room has been taken over with stuff! and ALOT of it. My mom and I went through the room. We cleaned out all the stuff no longer needed or the kids have outgrown. Gave the bedroom a good deep clean and then I hit the stores after discussing some design plans and discussing a budget. I did all my shopping between Target, TJ Maxx, Ross and Wayfair. All four of these stores are trendy, affordable and have a great selection of home goods.

I wanted to keep this room with a neutral theme. I keep the bedroom clean, simple and bright. The space is pretty small. Its only 9x10 and with the kiddos bunk bed I didn't want to make the room appear any smaller. The biggest problem holding this room back before was clutter and storage. (Much like any room!) We had to declutter, add storage and organize. The dresser and changing area definitely was one of the most important upgrades to this room.

I added a little reading nook under the 
small gallery wall for a fun little area for the kids to read some of their favorites books.

 My daughter is going through this whole I'm scared of the dark phase so I wanted to do something special to make her feel comfortable in this room. I found these adorable string lights at Target and once I saw them I knew they were perfect. I strung them on the bunk bed to give a cool + calming effect at night.

I'm completely happy with the outcome of this room and how It has transformed. I've been able to create a room that is multi functional and welcoming to all of It's guest. Check out those faces! I'd say they love it to, right?!

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